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Holiday Fire Safety
by Carasue Moody

Tis the season for dragging that fresh tree from the farm or an artificial tree from the basement or down from the attic as well as, all the lights and decorations.

Holiday season is a very busy time. But, before those lights go on the tree check for frayed wires, make sure the light sockets are in good working order. It is tempting to leave the lights on when we are away especially if is highlighted in a window for all to see. Donít do it.

If you have a live tree, make sure to keep it watered before and after the holidays. Come December 26, itís tempting to relax and stop watering the Christmas tree, replacing bulbs in outdoor lights and tucking indoor garlands back into place. Dry greens, open sockets and decoration that slip dangerously close to light sockets or fireplaces can all increase the risk of fire in the days after the Christmas holiday. When a Christmas tree dries out, it only takes a single spark from the fireplace, a draft that blows a candle flame too near, or a carelessly held cigarette to turn your holiday celebration into a tragedy.

Beyond the damage from the fire itself, a Christmas tree fire, like any fire, can result in extensive smoke and water damage throughout your home.

I am sure I am only reminding everyone of something they already know. But, it doesnít hurt.