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Waist Management
by Barbara Garro

Everywhere you look, almost anywhere in the world, you see fat people with many of them obese. Out of the 7 billion world population, 1.9 billion are overweight and 600 million are obese.

Truckers are among the most obese groups of workers. (Healthday News, January 2014) According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health’s “Obesity & Other Risk Factors” survey reported in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine’s June 2014 Volume 57 Issue, of 1,600 truckers, 69% were obese, 54% smoked and 88% reported having at least one risk factor for chronic disease: hypertension, smoking, obesity. No surprise that the November 2010 Official Journal of the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses reported heart disease and lung cancer as leading causes of truck driver deaths.

How do trucker statistics compare to the general population? 88% vs. 54%. According to the National Institute of Health’s National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, fat people are likely to die prematurely of:

• Coronary Heart Disease

• Diabetes

• Stroke

• Kidney Disease

• Blindness

• High Blood Pressure

• Arthritis

You’ve got way too much at risk physically, mentally, emotionally and career-wise to keep using your body as a land fill. Excess weight has you bopping around with a house of cards body that can collapse incrementally or totally in an instant.

You have huge gains you can count on right away by eating and drinking yourself fit:

• Feel better with more energy, quicker thinking

• Avoid the symptoms of bad eating and drinking habits: sluggish, draggy, suffering stomachs, poor elimination, unhealthy looking skin and hair

• Feel better about the way you look in your clothes and know people admire people who look fit and trim So, what’s a fat trucker to do? Man up and slim down.


➢ Track Your Progress by Daily Weigh-Ins

➢ Avoid Bread and Substitute Cheese or Romaine Lettuce for Sandwiches

➢ If That’s Too Hard, Eat Only Real Whole Grain Bread (No Bread in Plastic Bags)

➢ Avoid Luncheon Meats & Processed Fast Food & Junk Snacks

➢ Avoid Canned Foods, except Tuna, Sardines, Beans & Tomatoes

➢ Avoid Beer, Liquor, All Soda and Drink Mostly Water with some Tea and Coffee

➢ Eat First Generation Foods: Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruits, Natural Cheese

➢ Eat Five Smaller Meals throughout the Day Instead of Feasting at One or Two Meals. Consider early a.m., 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m., or whatever spread works for you

➢ Eat Nuts & Fruits as Snacks

➢ Use Lots of Non-Salt Seasoning: Garlic, Onion, Cayenne & Black Pepper, Oregano, Italian Seasoning, Chili Seasoning

➢ Cut Back on Salting Everything Before You Taste It

➢ Drink 6-8 Glasses of Water Around Driving Times & Sip Water While Driving to Stay Hydrated

➢ No Fat Free, Reduced Fat, Reduced Sugar, Sugar Free Foods or Drinks and No Artificial Sweeteners

➢ Take a Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Daily

➢ No Meal Replacement Drinks or Bars

Break These Hidden Fattening Habits

• Eating While Driving, Watching Television, Computing, Reading, Doing Anything: When You Eat, Just Eat, and You Will Find You Will Eat Less

• Not Chewing Your Food Well Enough

• Putting More Food in Your Mouth before Your Mouth is Empty

• Avoid Eating Fast: Soft Foods Slide into Your Gullet Without Much Effort and Cold Foods Also Go Down Really Fast

• Washing Your Food Down Frequently During Meals, Rather Drink after Eating

• Telling Yourself You Don't Have Time or are Too Tired to Exercise, even though Exercise Gives You Energy and Helps You Sleep Better

Remember, you only strictly obey the above Eating Rules until you reach the weight you want to weigh. After that, because you continue to weigh yourself daily, you can gradually add back healthy food and drink you love. Every person’s body is different. Weighing in daily lets you know what food and drink will pile the weight back on after you worked hard to get it off.

Yes, You Can Lose the Weight

1. It takes about the same amount of time to buy, take home to prepare and eat as it does to eat out. “Hello, Garro, never heard of fast food?” Sorry, doctored pink slime and chemically laden stuff is fake food. But, you can go to a fast food outlet and get a salad and a meat entrée, ditch the bread, remove the breading, add it to the salad and skip the dressing. With commitment, there are ways and it is just until you lose the weight.

2. You can buy food for each week and take healthy food to work to eat. You can have first generation food ready to prepare when you get home. Or, you can get a crock pot. Then, when you walk in the door, your whole place smells good and dinner is ready. Or you can be really lucky and have someone cooking just for you!

3. Eat fresh fruit for breakfast. All the rest of the breakfast choices are way more fattening and mostly just make you want to eat more.

As the Enlightened Envisions coach, I would be happy to have a coaching conversation with you if you would like support to quickly reach your Waist Management goal.