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Muncie Power Products, Inc. Showcases New Product

Muncie Power Products, Inc. introduces the V250, a directional control valve.

The V250 brings higher pressure capabilities to Muncieís valve lineup. With high-grade iron castings and hard chrome and nickel-plated spools, the V250 is created to withstand the most extreme applications and resist wear to promote long product life.

Higher flow rates and low pressure drops are advantages resulting from the V250ís internal core design. In addition, with its tight tolerances and precision machining internal spool leakages are kept low.

Its versatile design lends well to many configurations. Different spool, control, positioner and accessory options allow for individual customization. Each work section is pre-assembled and 100 percent tested prior to shipment for customer satisfaction.

Muncie is dedicated to its customers and their product needs. At Muncie itís about more than building quality products; itís about building trust.

For more information about the V250 please visit www.munciepower.com/v250 or contact customer service at 1-800-367-7867.